Additional Accolades
Corporates Sessions

Corporates and business leaders play an integral part in course development and delivery at TECHNO. This is to ensure that the courses being offered are relevant and updated to meet the current as well as future needs of the business world.

Faculty members plan the course delivery and session plan well in advance. This includes identifying the topics which would be best delivered by practitioners from the industry and also identifying as well as contacting the practitioners considered most suitable to deliver the topic. The faculty member then works closely with the practitioners to sensitize them to the level of knowledge of the students; the requirements related to concepts to be covered; defining a broad framework for the sessions; and developing reading materials and assignments.

At TECHNO, 25-30% of every course is delivered by senior executives from corporate world and the rest is delivered by the faculty member in-charge. This approach of practitioner involvement in development and delivery of courses has several advantages:

  • The students get enhanced practical knowledge.
  • Facilitates mentorship program, a program where experienced industry professionals would mentor students in their career choices, project selections, specialization areas etc.
  • Provides the students and institute with opportunities to network with the professionals and forge long term relationships with the practitioners and the companies they have associations with.
Internship Program

TECHNO offers a comprehensive 8-10 week Internship Program (IP) in the intervening Summer Term between the first and second years of course work. Under this, students undergo faculty-supervised internship in an organization to apply the knowledge they have acquired during the first year of their program and bridge the perceived gap between theory and practice. The IP enables students to experience the rigors of the professional environment, both in terms of form and substance. It provides them with opportunities to learn and practice business knowledge and professional behavior.


TECHNO's programs address the varied aspirations of students through offering electives. It follows an Open Ended approach wherein a student has the flexibility in choosing electives. A student who wants to specialize in a particular stream has to choose the same. An elective course will be offered if a minimum of 15 students opt for it.

Live Project

The Live Project (LP) is another unique feature in TECHNO curriculum which has been included to ensure practice oriented learning. It spreads over both semesters of the second year and carries a total of eight credits. The objective of LP is to facilitate the process of attaining a higher level of knowledge and expertise in the field of study chosen by the students. It will help the students to integrate the learning in multiple areas and address a comprehensive question of relevance to the management discipline. This also inculcates the art of conducting independent inquiry and evaluation which is useful both in industry and for later academic pursuits. The project would be based on a real-time business issue, preferably as a continuation of the Internship Program work.

Outcomes of Live Project

  • Improved market-based decision making skills and business acumen.
  • Usable financial literacy: a compelling understanding of how various functional decisions affect the numbers.
  • Improved cross-functional collaboration and teamwork.
  • Ability to balance the daily tactical pressures with strategic initiatives.
  • Improved problem-solving based on customer needs, competitor information and company data.
  • Gain insights that challenge the assumptions: forward thinking individuals.
  • Clearer understanding of and alignment with the company’s strategy.
  • Ability to define and/or clarify specific bottom line performance expectations and objectives related to profitability and other measureable business drivers.
Spiritual Learning

Spiritual Learning is a dynamic course for TECHNO students and young professionals that gives them a boost of energy and trains them to get the most out of life. The programme teaches them how to be productive and dynamic while staying cool and centred. The students learn techniques like Powerful breathing techniques, Yoga, Meditation and Practical wisdom for the modern world which they take back home, incorporate them in their daily lives, and as a result, experience a range of benefits. The programme is widely regarded for strengthening Leadership skills, enhancing Memory & Concentration, Stress and Anxiety relief, Increase in productivity as well as Self Confidence.

Industry Ready Product

At TECHNO placements is not a seasonal task but instead a process that is initiated by means of Advanced Placement & Training Programme right from the day when the student joins for the course. An exclusive Placement Team has been developed to serve this purpose which comprises of select students along with the Placement officers.

  • The team builds an interface between Institute and Industries
  • Prepares students for Aptitude Tests, Group Discussion and Mock Interviews to gain confidence, diminish nervousness, hone their responses and think on their feet
  • Offers personal support systems and work directly with the students keeping their interests and goals in mind
  • Groom students to meet the expectation levels of the Corporate world.
Foreign Language Training

The Foreign Language Training at TECHNO provides an option to choose any one of the foreign language (German & French) and offers a platform to the students in sensitizing themselves to languages used world over. The programme is a result of the combined efforts of a set of highly motivated faculties and successive batches of students who, despite a demanding academic schedule, show a keen interest in enriching their multilingual repertoire.

Management Skills
Emotional Intelligence
  • How to control emotions and handle other people’s emotions.
  • Understand how our mind creates negative thoughts and how to handle these thoughts.
  • How to control breath, meditate and be mindfully aware.
  • How to control emotions to do better time management, prioritization of activities and be more productive.
Critical Thinking
  • How to make goal-centric decisions rationally.
  • How to come up with creative solutions.
  • How to remove subjective bias from decision making.
  • Understand why we make wrong decisions.
Convincing People
  • Understand people’s motivation.
  • How to sell your ideas to others.
  • How to generate leads, get appointments and sell face-to-face.
  • Understanding the difference between bargaining and negotiation.
  • How to create a win-win situation for all parties.
Strategic Thinking
  • Understand and use the principles of strategic management to determine success in your own life.
Project Management and Effective Execution
  • Understanding and use of soft skills to motivate team members for improved productivity
  • Understanding the link between people, processes and technology to effectively execute projects towards stakeholder satisfaction
  • Understanding and handling the risks associated with the delivery of any project based initiative
Transition Management
  • How to prepare for and adjust to inevitable changes (good or bad) in our life and our careers.
  • Understanding the change management process.
  • Understanding what will happen in corporate life and what a student can do to be most effective.
Other Skills Developed @ Techno
  • Communication Skills.
  • Business Writing.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Business Etiquettes.
  • Interview & Group Discussion Skills.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Entrepreneur Skills.
  • Ethics, Morals and Professionalism.
  • Spiritual Self Development.
  • & much more