S.No. Academic Achievements Faculty
1. A Multivariate Study on Individual Decision Making factors in Ecommerce Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
2. A Multivariate Study on Individual Decision Making Factors in Ecommerce Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
3. A study of mathematics anxiety among secondary school students in relation to personal and school related factors Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
4. A study of the effect of personal and institutional variables on Mathematics achievement of secondary school strdent Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
5. A Study of the Relationship of Personal and Institutional Variables on Mathematics Achievement of Secondary School Students Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
6. A Study on Integration of India's Stock Market with Global Markets. Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
7. A Study on Receivables Pharmaceutical Industry and its Impact on Profitability Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
8. Acknowledgement of Modern Mangement through CHANAKYA Life Incidents Dr. Mahendra Srivastava
9. An Analysis Of E-Commerce Website Design Features That Impact Online Purchasing Of Indian Consumer Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
10. An Analysis of Perception on Information Sources And Its Dependency Upon Age of Users In North Eastern Uttar Pradesh Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
11. An Analysis On Factors Involved In Making Choice Of Jobs In Private Sector And Public Sector In North East Uttar Pradesh Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
12. Analyzing Individual Decision Making Approaches using Multivariate Factor Analysis : An Online Shopping Context Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
13. Applications of SPSS in Reasearch Pursuits Ms. Roli Misra
14. Attended Faculty development Program on Paradigm Shift in the sphere of Management Education organized by Techno Institute of Management Sciences, Lucknow Mr. Neeraj Singh
15. Becoming Raw to Ready: Importance of Developing Soft Skill in Succeeding Today’s Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
16. Best Practice at S.N.P.G. Autonomous College Bhopal Ms. Roli Misra
17. Book on Aadhunik Karyalay Prabandh (Modern Office Organsiation) Dr. Pragya Prashant Gupta
18. Change Management : An Approach to Sustainable Technological Change Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
19. Changing Business Environment: Role of Management & IT Professionals Dr. Reshu Agarwal
20. Chief Executive Forum for GLOBAL TRENDS IN CORPORATE GOVERNANCE (APRIL 2012) under taken by faculties from CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS and IIPM. Dr. Mahendra Srivastava
21. Cloud Computing: An Evolution to Libraries Ms. Roli Misra
22. Comparative study of schools under government and private management with respect to school resources, socio economic status and teacher pupil ratio at secondary stage of education in the District of Lucknow Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
23. Compare and Contrast the Influence of Economic, Social and Political characteristics that have developed Tourism in India Dr. Mahendra Srivastava
24. Compulsory Mathematics: A Strategy for Quality Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
25. Confidence Building by National Institute of Personnel Management U.P. chapter held on 3rd sep 2011 in Lucknow Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
26. Creative Librarian 2.0 Connect Collaborate and Share Knowledge using Social Media Platform Ms. Roli Misra
27. Digitalization of India: Empowering online Infrastructure Dr. Mahendra Srivastava
28. Digitization of Library Materials in Academic Libraries: Issues and Challenges Ms. Roli Misra
29. Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar : An overview Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
30. Edited Book on Infrastructure Development in India Dr. Pragya Prashant Gupta
31. Education System at Secondary Stage Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
32. Educational Research : A Suggestive Measure of downfall in Education System Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
33. Effect of gender, attitude towards Mathematics, computer usage, sports activities, and TV watching on Mathematics achievement of class ix students of South-East Bihar (India) Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
34. Effect of Gender, internet browsing, sports activities and medium of instructions on Mathematics achievement of class IX students of South-East Bihar (India) Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
35. Effect of gender, participation in extra-curricular activities, location of schools and school resources on mathematics achievement of secondary school students Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
36. Effect of Personal and Institutional Variables on Mathematics Achievement of Secondary School Students Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
37. Electronic Media Workshop Mr. Vinay Kumar
38. Empowerment of Muslim Women Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
39. Enterprise Information Infrastructure Design for Service Organizations Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
40. Factors Affecting Teaching & Research Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
41. Faculty Development Program on Entrepreneurship Development Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
42. Faculty Development Workshop on "Financial Education" Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
43. Faculty Development Workshop on Information System Development Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
44. Faculty on Enterprise System Development Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
45. Faculty Orientation Program of Human Values and Professional Ethics Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
46. Gender Discrimination and Inequalities in Contemporary India: Status, Causes and Solutions Mr. Vinay Kumar
47. Global HR Trends, Is HR ready to Respond Dr. Mahendra Srivastava
48. Globalization and Media Mr. Vinay Kumar
49. Grameen Vikas me Samudayik Media ki Bhumika Mr. Vinay Kumar
50. Green Communication and Sustainable Development: Prospects and Challenges Mr. Vinay Kumar
51. Green IT- Green Computing: An Effect to Deminish Global Warming Ms. Roli Misra
52. Green Stone Digital Library (GSDL) Ms. Roli Misra
53. Human Resource Accounting – Study of its Practice in Infosys Technologies Limited for International Conference (Management and Technology: Vision 2020) Dr. Reshu Agarwal
54. Human Resource Management System will Increase the Organization HR Services Dr. Mahendra Srivastava
55. Human Right and Value Education Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
56. Human Right and Value Education: Need of Present Education Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
57. Impact of Global Recession on Fiscal Consolidation in India” in ‘Manthan Dr. Pragya Prashant Gupta
58. Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Academic Libraries Ms. Roli Misra
59. Impact of Tourism on Income and Employment in Indian Economy in Globalized Era: Problems and Challenges Dr. Mahendra Srivastava
60. Impediments to Library Legislation and Library Networking Ms. Roli Misra
61. Improvement in Present Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
62. Indian Youth in 21st Century: Issues Challenges and Way Forward Dr. Mahendra Srivastava
63. Influence of Personal Factors Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
64. Influence of Personal Factors on Achievement of IX Grade Students in Mathematics Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
65. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) : Innovative tool of education Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
66. Information Seeking Behaviour of Faculty Members: A Case Study of Barkatullah University Bhopal and its Affiliated Colleges Ms. Roli Misra
67. Information Technology for Information Management Ms. Roli Misra
68. Innovations in teaching of Mathematics Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
69. Insinuation of Web 2.0 technology for Library and Librarians Ms. Roli Misra
70. Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
71. Issue and Challenges for Development of Public Library in India Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
72. Learner Centered Pedagogical Approach: A Need of Dynamic Education System Dr. Reshu Agarwal
73. Lerner Centered Pedagogical Approach: A Need of Dynamic Education System Dr. Mahendra Srivastava
74. Library Automation and Resource Sharing Ms. Roli Misra
75. Management Control in Corporate Culture Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
76. Manual for Mathematics Achievement Test Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
77. Manual for School Climate Scale Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
78. Mastering Leadership Challenges of 21st century” held on 5th February 2012 at CMS Auditorium, Gomti Nagar ,Lucknow Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
79. National workshop on “Research Methodology” 18-19th sep 2015 at Lucknow Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
80. On Achievement of IX Grade Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
81. Outreach Programme on State Finances, Reserve Bank of India Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
82. Paradigm Shift in the Sphere of Management Education Mr. Vinay Kumar
83. Paradigm Shift In The Sphere Of Management Program Dr. Mahendra Srivastava
84. Participate as a Speaker in Art and Cultural Festival 'Samwadi'  Mr. Neeraj Singh
85. Participate in National Seminar of Public relation Society of India (PRSI) on April 21, 2016.  Mr. Neeraj Singh
86. Participate in National Seminar on State of the State Uttar Pradesh Conclave Mr. Neeraj Singh
87. Participated in Electronic Media Workshop, organized by Hindi Department, University of Lucknow Mr. Neeraj Singh
88. Present Teacher Education Scenario Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
89. Quintessence of Knowledge Management for Libraries and Librarians in Modern Era Ms. Roli Misra
90. Recent Trends in Commerce, Management & interdisciplinary Research Dr. Mahendra Srivastava
91. Recessionary Challenges Before Indian Economy Dr. Reshu Agarwal
92. Reflection on Higher Education in India Ms.Abhilasha Shukla
93. Research paper entitled, Media aur sahitya, organized by Department of Hindi, University of Lucknow Mr. Neeraj Singh
94. Research paper entitled, Social Media and Freedom of Speech, organized by Department of Human Rights, BBA Central University, Lucknow Mr. Neeraj Singh
95. Research paper on Parliamentary election 2014, entitled, Political Slogan: Second stage of Opinion Making, published in UPRTOU annual book. Mr. Neeraj Singh
96. RFID: Total Security System for Management of Smart Library Ms. Roli Misra
97. Role of Curriculum in Modern Education for the Overall development of the students: An Overview Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
98. Role of Distance Education for Developing Indian Media Mr. Vinay Kumar
99. Role of Media in Protection and Promotion of Human Rights Mr. Vinay Kumar
100. Shaping the future … Leadership Challenges and Business Strategies in Emerging Markets Dr. Mahendra Srivastava
101. Significance of Education in Social Change and Effective Growth of Indian Economy. Ms. Abhilasha Shukla
102. Social Mobility : An Overview Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
103. Sodh Praroop Nirman ki Vidhiyna: Ek Avlokan Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
104. Students in Mathematics Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
105. Study of Internet Use and Health related implications of Internet Users Ms. Abhilasha Shukla
106. Swami Vivekananda an Education Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
107. Swami Vivekananda and Education Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
108. Teacher Education : Foundation Stone of the Nation Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
109. Technological Changes in Online Market: How Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
110. Technological Explosion: A challenge for qualitative improvement in education system Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
111. The Legacy of Programmed Learning : An Innovation of Teaching Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
112. Training Administration and Networking Mr. Ritesh Srivastava
113. Trends and Issues for Academic Libraries in Digital Era Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
114. U.P. Government’s Achievement-from youth and women point of view Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
115. Value Education: Challenges and Future Prospects Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
116. Value Education-Language, Rationale & Issues Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
117. Vartaman Saikshik Samasyano ke Samadhan main Prachin Bhartiya Saikshik Paramparaon ki Prasangikta Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
118. Vartmaan aur Ambedkarvaad Mr. Vinay Kumar
119. Vision of Mahatma Gandhi on Value Education Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
120. Why Click Not Brick? A Study of Indian Consumer Preference On Online Shopping Over Traditional Shopping In India Mr. Ritesh Srivastava