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The best b school in Lucknow With Best college in Lucknow

Your future goals, Techno Institute of Management Sciences is one of those institutions that can cater to all your needs. If you are looking for an MBA with placement, you will need to choose a top MBA college with a reputation in the industry for its brilliant pedagogy system. No matter what types of colleges you are looking forward to, TIMS is the best college in Lucknow to pursue an MBA, which can cater to all your needs.

"Business schools reward complex behaviour but it's the simple behaviour that makes you successful in life"

How to choose the top b school?

If you have just completed graduation from any recognized university with a minimum avg of 50%, you need to choose a business school that can have diversified co-curricular activities apart from the strong academic curriculum. Some of the significant steps to choosing the best college for shaping your education include the following.

Research their academic performance

Would you want to join a b school that does not have a good reputation? If you plan to boost your career, you need to choose the best MBA college in Lucknow that provides the best value for your degree.
According to a few studies, around two-thirds of the students face the peer pressure of providing the best academic performance. Furthermore, 81.6% of them are under constant exam-related anxiety, which is why you will need to proceed accordingly.

Identify your goals

The college you choose will have an essential role in shaping what you want for the future. Everyone’s priorities and goals are different. You are going to be in this college and education sector for the next two years.
Whenever choosing the b school in Lucknow, you need to identify what specialization you will be studying. You will need to analyze if you want to get a job after becoming an MBA Graduate or continuing your PhD in management. Once you have identified your goals, you will need to choose the best college in Lucknow to fit your requirements.

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The student to faculty ratio

Considering the number of students India has, it is nearly impossible to provide one-on-one assistance to every student. However, before getting into a college, it is essential to analyze the student and faculty ratio. Moreover, you also need to analyze the type of faculty. If the college has a low student-to-faculty ratio, you should avoid admitting your college into the same.

Being one of the best colleges in Lucknow, TIMS has one of the best faculties in Lucknow. With their world-class faculty, a student can expect the best education. They have renowned faculty members.

Quality of department

With world-class faculty, one can expect the best department across the academic sector. You will need to assess the quality of the department and how long it has been functioning. Furthermore, you will need to determine the professional head of each department. Knowing the condition of the department will eventually help you choose the best college in Lucknow.


Placement & Internship

Finally, placement holds a vital role for every student after successful completion of the course. While you are studying, it is equally important to emphasize your internship because most recruiters prefer to hire students who have spent qualitative time during their internship phase. Since, maximum colleges are unable to produce job offers due to their large number of intakes, whereas, in Techno, every student gets an equal opportunity to get the best job as per their talent.


TIMS holds the reputation of being one of the top b school in Lucknow. It is registered under Lucknow University, thereby promising world-class education to the students.


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